Professional Teak Varnish

Maintaining the condition of your teak and varnish is extremely important. If not properly maintained you will find it cracking, peeling, discolored and unsightly. At this point it is a much larger project to address. Regular teak care is the key to preserving the integrity of your varnished wood and teak decks. Wood that is properly maintained is an asset to your investment. Our professional knowledge and experience guarantees your brightwork will look immaculate. We offer full service teak maintenance and refinishing. You can see examples of our work in our gallery. You can also visit our homepage for an overview of the other services we offer.

Routine teak varnishing is the key to success.

We tailor the service to your needs. Some boats only need maintenance coats of varnish. Others require stripping existing varnish and refinishing for desired results. We tailor teak and varnish programs for each boat. Most of our clients are under annual contract with us. This means we lightly sand then varnish exterior teak twice a year. We closely monitor the condition of your wood. Varnished areas that need attention will be addressed before they become a larger problem. Nicks, dents, and burn-throughs will be spot repaired and coated to prevent further damage. Maintenance coats will be scheduled appropriately to avoid widespread deterioration of the varnish condition. We take the worry out of teak maintenance for the boat owner.


We work with a wide variety of teak and varnish products. One of our favorites is Epifanes because of it’s high gloss finish, it can be researched you can read about it here. Another is a three-part system called Starbrite, it can be researched here.

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